ZAIRA MENESES GUITAR CONCERTO COMPETITION - II REGISTRATION DEADLINE MAY 30th, 2024 Video Submission to compete JULY 30th Eliot Fisk Guitar Seminar Guitar Summer Program Granada Spain August 19th - 25th

Welcome to Zaira Meneses Concerto Competition 2024!

This competition welcomes international students aged 18 to 32. Participants are required to register for the Eliot Fisk Guitar Seminar ( link to ACADEMY page). The Eliot Fisk Guitar Seminar will take place in Granada, Spain during the second week of the LAMFest – Summer Academy Program. The competition week includes master classes, workshops, lectures, Spanish classes and a visit to all the Granada museums. The first round of the competition is conducted online. Participants  must record one movement of a selected guitar concerto (free election) and submit the video link on July 30th. The esteemed jury: Pablo Gimenez, Spanish classical/flamenco guitarist, John Dearman, classical guitarist, and Raquel Fisk, pianist, will give the results on August 1st. All registered participants are encouraged to perform at the Final Recital Open to the public but only four finalists will be selected and perform the second round of the competition at the opening ceremony of the Eliot Fisk Guitar Seminar. 


Registration Deadline MAY 30th

Video Submission to compete JULY 30th 

1st Round Deadline – Please submit two videos  featuring the following:

Guitar Concerto 

  • Select one movement from a guitar concerto composed by a Latin American or Hispanic composer  with piano accompaniment.

Solo Composition:

  • Choose one solo composition written by a Latin American composer.


  • Introduce yourself  and the concerto you are going to be performing (concerto’s title and the composer’s name)
  •  To maintain a uniform standard, recordings should be made using a cellphone or camera, keeping it simple without the use of special microphones.
  •  Only cell phone audio and lenses should be utilized in the recording process. We appreciate your adherence to these guidelines for a consistent and fair evaluation process.
  • The video should encompass both performances without any edits.

Recordings must be continuous, capturing the entire session seamlessly.

Utilize a cell phone or camera for recording; refrain from using special editing techniques. 

NOTE: Edited videos will lead to disqualification. We look forward to receiving your unedited video showcasing your talents. Good luck!

2nd Round August 23rd 

Four finalists to perform in the second and final round. Participants must prepare a 20 minute  solo classical repertoire. It is obligatory to  include one composition from a Latin American composer or a composer inspired by Latin America.   

Application 35 Euros 

Competition fee 100 Euros